Saturday, October 21, 2017

Of Moment-ink...

One long, sentimental stare at the garden tucked to sleep
 Where the best things we gather there are memories to keep...

I told them I needed 'an' onion, so they all brought 'an' onion;-)

Too much to miss to miss too much
Too soon comes sooner than we think
Then live-laugh-love, take-eat, taste-touch
And make the most of moment-ink

Too swift the gift of day to day
Falls prey to elemental Must
And one more season falls away
To halls of sentimental dust

Then let’s not wait ‘til it’s too late
The Gate to yesterday is barred
Now’s red balloon will soon deflate
And strew its tatters o’er the yard

A benediction wafts above
Each live-laugh-love warm on our lips
Where all the while a treasure trove
Collects time’s smiling  fellowships

The rush of much too much runs rife
Time authors more than we may think
We write the story of our life
With nothing more than moment-ink

© Janet Martin

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