Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Not Because We're Crazy, Just Because We're... Getting Older;-)

Before the door
To season spent
Swings open to the new
And pathways hewed
Through spewed unknown
Fills retrospective view
Before the repertoire
Of More pours
Moments into hours
Have you delayed
Duty to dally
And converse with flowers?

…and have you,
For the love of blue,
Lain beneath welkin sweep
Before the door
To season spent
Yields to lorn winds that weep
Across the swell
Where hill and dell
Once green, lies sere and still
Have you taken
The long way home
To roam its poem-sill?

Nothing lasts long;
The song that stirs
The blur of leafy limb
Soon lies beneath
The bough, a wreath
On tombs of bloom-strummed hymn
Time’s easy-going manner,
Like a banner
On the breeze
Wafts, oft without
Much notice over
Almost memories

Before the door
To o’er and done
Turns into season spent
Before we pause
To wonder how
And where it came and went
Have you, have I
Have we without excuses
Crooned our thanks
While chatting with
Tired roses strewn
On high noon’s river-banks

© Janet Martin


  1. “Have you delayed
    Duty to dally
    And converse with flowers?”

    I LOVE this!

    1. thank-you:)...that line was inspired by my conversation with dahlias last week, a sort of sorrowful apology as I dug out the bulbs and I thought if someone was listening they might have said 'oh dear!!!' or something like it. lol!


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