Friday, October 6, 2017

Mighty Mite...and Brantley's nine month pics:)

 Brantley is nine months old!
Time has its way with everyone it meets...
My, my how we need to cherish its precious blink of baby girl and boy joy

Photos by his mom, Emily

Meter of moment, how mighty its mite
No one can fight Time and win
Little by little with morning to night
It sets its proof on our skin

I guess the kisses of clock-flung tick-tock
Soon tunes us all to Time’s sport
No matter how fast and furious we walk
None can out-run its cavort

Love makes us thankful and mirth makes us glad
Guilt makes us heavy of heart
Hope makes us happy and fear drives us mad
Mercy metes morning’s fresh start

Take it or leave it, tell me what that means
Tick-tock insists on its due
Nothing can thwart moment-sport; soft it weans
What seemed so stable, from view

Sit at your table and look long and well
Into Time’s hello-shaped Now
Here is a gift we cannot buy or sell
Able to handle each How

Pat-a-cake, wakey-wake, then off to school
Report cards, here comes the bride
Parenthood, God is good, don’t be a fool
Treasure time’s tremulous tide

Meter of moments, regimented flight
Fueling fond memory
Nothing appeases Time’s keen appetite
Easing the leaf from the tree

© Janet Martin


  1. A glorious poem, Janet. And what a good looking happy little boy! Congrats on another milestone.

    1. thank-you:) He makes our joy-cups overflow!Often, right now he is so wiggly and squirmy, wanting down when he's up and up when he's down (he has not figured out how to crawl yet so sometimes he is bored:)
      but yesterday he just let grandma cuddle and snuggle him to her hearts content...heaven on earth!

  2. Replies
    1. yes! and like every baby ever born, precious to the max!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Trish...and thank-you! the first Thanksgiving(we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada on Mon.) of my life to say thank-you God, for grand-babies:)

    2. I'm in Canada too! And what a beautiful weekend we're having. So exciting for you to enjoy with a new grand baby!

    3. Hello, fellow-Canadian:) I didn't know!! Which province? Yes, it is a gorgeous week-end!


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