Thursday, October 12, 2017

Genesis, Exodus, God

We went from smiling summer-like sunshine to....
b-r-r-r-r-ly, growling gale in a day!

Prelude to a frost-felled world...(these are last years frost-frames) no killer frost here this year...yet!

Womb of the earth gives birth to bud, then bloom
Intricate cradles unfold into flow’r
Steady, beneath leaf-green eddy, sheaf, plume
Heaven Her canopy, wind as Her broom
Earth hosts the belle of the hour

Loom of the earth weaves wonder to behold
Intrinsic shuttle, no rebuttal heeds
Skeins of rich purple, carmine, coral, gold
Tumble to treetops, gardens wild and bold
Miracles mantled in seeds

Tomb of the earth claims life’s cardinal due
(Warriors, genesis-exodus-shod)
Back to the berth where beginning’s accrue
Shimmer of violet, glimmer of blue
Cupped in Her fallow façade

© Janet Martin

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