Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Everywhere We look We See...October

Autumn seeps through wooded sweeps
Everywhere we look we see
Honeyed hints and russet tints
Teasing nature’s tapestry
Expectation celebrates
Though September shuts its gates
It leaves in its wake, mist-morn
Hillsides steeped with brittle corn
Orchards bent with ruddy flair
Children’s laughter on crisp air
Apple-rosy cheeks to kiss
October is Autumn’s bliss

Pour the cider, pour the tea
Everywhere we look we see
Summer-set, mulled violet
Orange and red and yellow tree
August cinders wink and glow
On a hearth of petal snow
Hearts of wonderment applaud
Glimpses of our glorious God
Lowly bush and lofty limb
Showcase art authored by Him
Raise a song of praiseful zest
October is Autumn’s Best

Look, the brook is leaf-boat shook
Summer’s sapphire sparkle sleeps
Cellars brim with harvest-hymn
Hulls and husks are holy heaps
Heart is wowed with humble joy
Earth is bowed with bloom’s ahoy
Beauty flames, fades to farewell
Wind song strums the sallow fell
Every sugar-tree a torch
Halo dims, strews pumpkin-ed porch
Blushing berm meets stalwart stride  
October is Autumn’s Bride

Everywhere we look we see
Romance threading age to age
October is poetry
Pressed on page of frost-kissed sage
Skyline sketched with stark-etched tusk
Shadows stretch like cats at dusk
Butterfly and lullaby
Flit where flowered fragments lie
 Rain-song, wind-song, leaf song melds
Nature grieves, no leaf withheld
Loom to ether broom, leaves coast
October is Autumn's Boast

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes, it would be terrible to skip Octobers! :) Love that quote.

  2. one of my favorite Anne-quotes! It seems midst my other reading i always have an L.M.Montgomery book on the go as well. Her writing style I do not tire of!


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