Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Butterfly and Flower-Hour Prelude (Serious Enjoyment!)

Yesterday the flower-garden boasted almost as many butterflies as blooms!
This Butterfly and Flower Hour gilds an Awesome Door... 

This Preparation Place traces fresh faces with love-lines
Where we hold near and dear the Here of Mercy-lent designs
Time's grace is interlaced with high and low of hold-let go
For, after all, life’s scrawl is but the Prelude to The Show

This practical, poetical, inevitable poof
Is like a silver sun-glint on a frost-embellished roof
How much we make of much that we cannot take with us when
We slip from this whisper of skin into Forever’s Then

Tomorrow, none can borrow from its sorrow-joy, Today
Is all that we will ever have before it slips away
This is an invitation-to-salvation-day, pray we
With sacred expectation ready for eternity

Death is no cold-hearted surprise; it comes to everyone
But who knows when, save God who grants Heaven when life is done
But not to everyone; then pray before it is too late
We call upon The Name that saves the soul from folly’s fate

Ready or not, time’s tittle-jot will soon falter and fail
Then, (holy, holy Then) faith will Endless Until unveil
And all that love surrendered for the sake of Christ the Lord
And all Self took for granted will receive its just reward

This race is like a chase where grace is all the good we have
This life is like a lineup through, not to death’s earthy grave
This butterfly and flower hour gilds An Awesome Door
It tips The Grail that pours The Prelude to Forevermore

© Janet Martin

  (behold, now is the accepted time; 
behold, now is the day of salvation.)
2 Cor.6:2 KJV


  1. “traces fresh faces with love-lines”

    Love this wording!

    Behold, now...2 Corinthians 6:2. Now.


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