Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As We Say Yes And No

...And we say yes and no
And why and ‘oh
We cry and laugh, we leap and fly and fall
And all the while
Through groan and smile
God sees and hears, my dears, and cares for one and all

…and we pray, yes and no
And why and ‘oh
As we lie wide awake or fast asleep
Whether we worry
Or whether we trust
Nothing, my love, will tug us from our faithful Father’s keep

…so we bear yes and no
And why and ‘oh
Where hold-let-go wears holes through more than shoes
We break and eat
Both bitter and sweet
And hold to He who never lets go while love wills its dues

...and we cry yes and no
and why and 'oh'
While seasoned flow and ebb startles our sigh
Bloom breaks the bud
That soon strakes mud
And leaves us filled with leaf-like echo's begging lullaby

…as we taste yes and no
And why and ‘oh
Where hello and goodbye fills our eyes, lips and hearts
While Time tethers years
To the back of its peers
And draws us ever nearer to the grave grace where all life starts

© Janet Martin

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