Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Little Child Shall Lead Them...

This morning Little Girl arrived, expressing, in most unattractive sounds, 
her disapproval of a certain situation concerning a present, no less!!!
Strange, how chatting with a child can make one almost choke on one's own words;
 reminding her that we should be thankful with what we have,
and lots of 'boys and girls' don't,
and we name blessings and talk about how sad it must make God 
when we grumble instead of being happy with what He gives us,
and how we all sometimes forget and think someone else's 'gift'
is nicer than the one we got!
...and how we are often greedy instead of sharing.
Gives us soft hearts for the little one's just beginning their journeys 
of appreciation and contentment, doesn't it?!

Surely we deserve
A chastening rod
While we, juggling presents
Grumble at God

How often we act
Like an 'I-want-theirs' tot
Forgetting the fact
In the Matter we've got

Condemns selfish greed
But promises always
To fulfill need we should be thankful
and we would be cursed
But God, rich in mercy
Loved us first

Forgive us, blind gluttons
That seek to indulge
With 'wine, crepes and mutton'
Unflattering bulge

...and help us to hunger
For righteousness
And through it, find the secret
To happiness


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