Thursday, November 24, 2016

You Just Plain Gotta...

It's so snowy... I can't help but feel Christmas-y ;-)

You gotta get rid of the chill in your soul
Before Christmas can fill ya’
You gotta get rid of ill-will and its scowl
Before Christmas can thrill ya’
You oughta , you gotta be happy, for oh
We got a God that love us, you know

You gotta bow at the manger of old
Before Christmas can find ya’
You gotta allow Love to help you let go
Of fear and greed; it’ll bind ya’
You gotta believe before you can feel
The peace, hope and joy that makes Christmas real

You gotta give somethin’ to truly receive
The happiness of livin’
You gotta live, lovin’ like you really believe
In everyday-Christmas givin’
You gotta visit before you condemn
The Christ of Christmas from Bethlehem

You gotta never forget the reason
We celebrate God’s love
You gotta find the kindness of the season
Is more than gettin' more Stuff
You gotta follow that first Christmas Star
For He loves us all no matter who we are

You gotta get rid of the chill in your soul
Before Christmas can thrill ya’
You gotta have more than a lump of coal
For your heart; or nothin’ll fill ya’
Ya’ gotta believe in that first Christmas Boy
Before you can receive love’s true Christmas joy

© Janet Martin

 Where is he that is born King of the Jews?
for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.


  1. This poem seems like it should be made into a song. Anybody in your circle gifted in that way?

    I have the Pentatonix Christmas CD. Cool.

    1. I'm sure in my 80+ nieces and nephews there must be one!! I would like to get the Pentatonix Cd.

    2. oops it was supposed to be 60+. Still, too many to know all of them very well.


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