Monday, November 21, 2016

This Is More Than Merry Christmas...

It was there on that first Christmas
Heralded by hosts above
It is here; down through the ages
Deity of God to prove

Nothing can usurp its power
Matrix of peace; perfect, pure
Piercing through fear’s darkest hour
With its Light, faithful and sure

Sing a hymn of trust and glory
Heaven bends to kiss the earth
This is more than just a story
Of a lowly baby’s birth

This is more than pretty presents
Strewn about a tinseled tree
This is hope’s immortal essence
Clad in glad humility

This is more than Merry Christmas
Mercy’s living proof unfurled
As we catch a glimpse of Jesus
In a sad and broken world

It was there on that first Christmas
It was here when time began
It abides down through the ages
This, the Love of God to man

© Janet Martin

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