Friday, November 25, 2016

The Pluses and Pitfalls of a 'Taped' World

Today's PAD Challenge: write a tape poem...any kind of tape.

 Blowing the dust from some oldies this morning:)
SO much entertainment, attraction, distraction...
The 'instant' world seems to be eating up much too much time.

There’s too little I understand about too much, it seems
Technology keeps coming up with new ways to astound
God, when designing us knew we would thrive on hopes and dreams
Still, He did not create us to be plugged to constant sound

From vinyl to eight-track to cassette tape, Cd, smart-phones
(Far-gone the days of eight-mile-tape stuck in our stereos)
The world is pocket-sized; Beatles, Elvis and Rolling Stones
Sing for distracted fans bombarded with six-second shows

There is too little I understand about much, I admit
But sometimes I feel sorry for today’s bright girls and boys
The good of something always potent with the ill of it
The brain never designed to be plugged in to so much noise

© Janet Martin



  1. I saw a book a few years ago called "Info Rich, Info Poor". I seem to remember it suggested that information would be the currency of the future. If that is the case, I'll be destitute. To be honest, however, I sometimes wonder what I would do without Google.

    Your last two lines are something to contemplate.

    1. Your comment hinges on what inspired the last two lines:)


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