Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Flux That Forms the Crux...

Someday I will look back and they will too,
to hours spent at Janet's house...
My one wish is that they will take with them something that will help to shape them into who they hope to be...

How blithe the light that breathes times flight to what remains to be
How lithe the flux that forms the crux of our legacy
The orbit of a year grows thin, slips through our skin with ease
Both chancellor and rogue, its vim succumbs to memories

The motions we go through are not trite piffle; they become
The person we will be remembered for at life’s full sum
Time’s touch and taste affair from here to There, an awesome Thing
Where moments become far, far more than echoes on the wind

Look, within reach grace splays beneath us Opportunity
So what of grand faux pas, today is rife with What Will Be
Where What Will Be soon takes its place among surrendered peers
The highs and lows of love and life the thorn and rose of Years

Come, let us leave behind the things we grieve but cannot change
For soon too soon, this boon we cleave, eventide will estrange
Time’s Doorway to for-nevermore gapes; Now is taking shape
Becoming even as we breathe a glint in Past’s landscape

Before we come to warm our thoughts ablaze with yesterdays
Perhaps we should remember what Time’s dying ember splays
…this spark that warms the dark is like the tinder that becomes
The flux that forms the crux of life when it is said and done

© Janet Martin

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