Monday, November 7, 2016

The Fall of Leaf

 This fragile hold of thinning gold can run the heart full-through with grief
The beauty of each joy we love falls prey to ways of waning leaf

Like leaves that fall to deck the stage
Of places summer’s footsteps stirred
The poet pines to deck the page
With essence of loss hardly heard
To snare its sigh from dwindling tress
To bare the cry in human breast
To will to form the silent storm
And bleed its evidence to word

The heart is oft its own decoy
While caught in halos of leaf-gold
It trembles, torn twixt grief and joy
And staggers ‘neath the weightless hold
Of love that will turn into loss
Of longing, love’s sure albatross
Where like a vine it soft entwines
The steadiness of growing old

The random places that we go
From here to there and back again
Where bud dissolves in golden snow
And fills earth’s halls with muffled rain
Where we dance, held in ties that bind
And shawls unraveled by the wind
The poet’s sighs immortalize
The fall of leaf in ink refrain

© Janet Martin

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