Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Art Of Heart Ache

The heart, incapable of holding all we wish it could
Must learn to hold on to the gold and surrender the rest
Time’s tender New is rife with life-appointments, ill and good
The silver silk of laughter and the umber ilk of test

We cannot always pick and choose the hues that Love allows
…only response; Past soon ensconces all but consequence
The heart, veiled by the skin of us oft bears the brunt of blows
Where God alone bestows the art of heart-and-soul-defense

We never quite outgrow the hurt of love misunderstood
But sometimes love must humble us and teach us to forgive
The heart, incapable of holding all we wish it could
Must also learn how to let go so we may fully live

The ways of love and life unravel beyond our control
Their common confrontations make us who we choose to be
Oh God, how quick the smart of darts can pierce their naked goal
The heart must learn the art of aching with humility

© Janet Martin


  1. Yup indeed. Surrender, surrender, surrender..

    1. you sound like Grandma Martin...;-)She used to say it is only a battle if we don't surrender.


    2. :))She was such a dear soul..wish I had known her better...


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