Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Right Here, Right Now...

 So, what does your right-here-right-now look like?
...ours is a sea of late day gold slow-rolling over the countryside 

We should not wait
For That Great Call
Before we choose to serve our King
Right here, right now
He bids us all
To use our gifts to honor Him

Not in some far
And foreign field
Are they who labor for the Lord
Right here, right now
He bids us yield
Lest we forfeit The Great Reward

Not for the fine
Or fittest, no
Nor only for the brave of heart
Right here, right now
He bids us ‘go
For He fits us to do our part

He calls us all;
Not only some
Will we surrender to His will?
Right here, right now
We bids us ‘come’
His Great Commission to fulfill

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful poem and photos. The last one is so nice with the browns and golds. Blessings, Pam

    1. For all the dreariness that November is infamous for, it also boasts some of the year's most beautiful dusk panoramas! this November has been SO gorgeous here. but the weather man just said 'the bottom falls out on Sunday!'


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