Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Part of Us

We don't begrudge them their wings,
We don't intend to tie them down
But we miss them all the same:)

When you stand speechless but for ‘wow’
‘neath City’s alien dome
I hope, though you are ‘grown up’ now
You will still think of home

So long we helped you find your wings
And beckoned you to ‘try’
That was before we learned heart-strings
Don’t sever when you 'fly’

So every now and then, my dear
Though you are ‘on your own’
Remember you are still quite near
To all of us at home

You are a prayer poured from the heart
A wish upon a star
For you will always be a part
Of us; wherever you are

© Janet Martin

Hugs and prayers for all our 'far-from-home-dears)

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