Monday, November 21, 2016

Of First Snows

It's true about the outside work, isn't it? When there's a soft layer of snow, I have a sense of peace because there's not leaf raking, no gardening. But then the thicker layers of snow will come and we'll be thinking about shovelling!!! Let's just enjoy things as they are while we can!

See you Wednesday,
Above, an e-mail-reply from a friend who wondered if I would mind watching her little girl (aka'I he'p you) an extra day this week. I told her that is fine. As soon as the snow comes I feel a lot less busy because the outside work is officially done! What is not done will wait:)
Her reply inspired this poem. 
(Sorry for the slightly more inconsistent posting times lately.
...looking after lots of 'littles' these days. 
They are resting right now:) 
 Since I am not like some Victorias I know that turn completely giddy at the first snowfall, I plant a flower in front of it;-)
But snow does have its highlights...more reading time (hopefully!)
More time for things like making bread...more on this later, maybe?

Across the girth of earth soft-spills
A heavenly release
As Quietness sweeps deeps and hills
In white tidings of peace

The slip-slap beat of flip-flop feet
Seek socks and slippers now
Their muffled scuffle bittersweet
As November’s first snow

…while urgency of out-door chores
Eases its anxious quest
Beneath a splurge of shattered stars
Fall's snuffed appointments rest

…and landscapes, stark and dark and bleak
Are bright with white caress
Save for the onyx-winding creek
A sash on winter’s dress

As first snow sets the heart ablaze
With long-forgotten looks
It turns a kinder, gentler gaze
To hearth and storybooks

…where we are not too lonely then
For when the cold wind blows
We turn to patient kith and kin
Waiting for winter snows

© Janet Martin


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