Monday, November 28, 2016

In Honor of Today...

It does no good to try to bear
Tomorrow’s weight of waiting care
Better to heed today’s demand
And focus on the need at hand

The fear of what may yet unfold
Can blind us to the gold we hold
We were not born to try to bear
Tomorrow’s morn of unformed care

The illusion of morrow’s ‘if’
Is never how we picture it
And who of us is strong enough
To balance more than today’s ‘stuff’?

Too much, tomorrow’s such and such
Is always out of reach; time’s touch
For all its fancied come-what-may
Will never yield more than Today

Then help us, Lord, to keep in mind
The transience of each daily grind
And remind us to trust in You
For strength to honor today’s due

© Janet Martin

Songs of hope for the day we are in!

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