Tuesday, November 22, 2016

At The Risk of Sounding Selfish...

PAD Challenge day 22: For today’s prompt, we’re on our fourth two-for-Tuesday prompt. So pick one, combine both prompts into one poem, or write two (or more) different poems. Here are the prompts:
Write a sharing poem or write a selfish poem

I’m glad to know that I am loved
Or at least, so you tell me
And I don’t want to sound thankless
But tell me, do you like me?

Love is the First and Great Command
I know, this should requite me
But still, for all its good intent
It does not mean you like me

The miser loves his money piles
With empty satisfaction
Like’ infers with kind second smiles
A mutual attraction

When we sincerely like someone
Then love is never questioned
I know that my shortcomings, hon
Are too many to mention

…and though I like the sound of it
When you tell me you love me
Still, more than that I must admit
I rather hope you like me

© Janet Martin

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