Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Rare Undertaking

Today's Final Prompt: Write a last chance poem.

(This poem may be read as one or as six poem-lets)

Within the grin and growl of Time…of tumbles and slow-dances
We skin its scope of grief and hope and first and final chances

The air is rife with life’s delights and knife-like circumstances
The morning like a rose unfolds in blue and gold romances

Though we are old-er than we were and not so bold and daring
The firsts and lasts of love and life still overflow our bearing

Life’s firsts are often named, earmarked and widely celebrated
Its lasts intangible; heart-tugs, subtle and understated

What if today was the last day that we would share our laughter
What, through farewell’s tears would we say to cheer us ever after?

Each day is a first-final dance; what a rare undertaking
As feet move to the music of memories-in-the-making

© Janet Martin

(Thoughts and prayers with those in Tennessee and surrounding areas 
as they deal with wild-fire and other tornado aftermath.
One survivor worded it perfectly
'We can rebuild but we cannot replace'. )

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