Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who Doesn't Love Fall?!

Who doesn't love fall colors? asks Linda, here.
It suddenly primed my heartstrings with what waits in October, so I'm just passing it on;-)
 We still have three days of September 2016 left to make memorable its existence.
Let's do it with purpose!

Who can resist the undoing of earth?
Nature unravels its offspring of birth
Gardens grow weary yet heave-ho becomes
A rainbow-halo; squash, pumpkins and mums

Who is immune to the blue-bluster breeze?
Teasing and tugging red whispers from trees
Sun-dappled apple-sweet orchards are bliss
We are all lovers when love is like this

Who can say no to fall’s sumptuous fare?
Full-color frontiers and frost-flavored air
Harvest-hulled hillsides, paint palettes so vast
That no earth-artist is fit for the task

Who can disdain what no hand can prevent?
After the laughter of summer is spent
After the flower is stripped of its bell
Color climaxes in woodland and dell

Who in this season of farewell will sing?
Death shrouds the globe in robes fit for a king
Landscapes surrender while splendor runs rife
Dusk deepens early, the wind is a scythe

© Janet Martin

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