Monday, September 19, 2016

Wash-day Song

Sing a song of laundry
Lilting on the line
Like life’s little love-letters
Of cotton design

Sing a song of laundry
Sing until it hurts
Clothes-line filled with laughter of
Dresses, pants and shirts

Sing a song of laundry
Common tiralee
See those trousers dance a jig
To wind-melody

Sing a song of laundry
Echoing the joy
Mingled with the carefree spills
Of wee girl and boy

Sing a song of laundry
Happy as can be
For where there is laundry, oh
There is family

So, sing a song of laundry
Rainbow-tinted tune
Lolling in the sunshine of
A wash-day afternoon

© Janet Martin

The size of the pieces might change as years go by, but the process is the same...
-fold-put away,
This is the tune
of washing day! 

Moms, aren't you glad, glad, glad
for the people in your life that keep laundry hampers replenished? ;-)


  1. Cute poem ♥ Have a wonderful day ♥

    1. Thank-you Summer:) My oldest sister told me a while ago she wishes I would write a laundry-on-the-line poem...not sure if this is what she's looking for but it was a fun little ditty to sing;-0


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