Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Up and Away

Day breaks; its birth mantles the earth in breath of purple gauze
Ah, Nature never wearies of wakening fresh applause
Laugh-lines of grace gild this small place of sky and sea and sod
Where its inhabitants are on time’s one-way back to God

Grass withers, flowers die, the loom of plume is stripped of tulle
As law and order of the seed heeds death’s incumbent pull
Akin to we, the company of autumn’s idling bloom
Where nucleus of spring sleeps deep in earth’s life-guarding tomb

These flower-hours run across our skin, the soul immune
To spinning wheels and seasoned reels that weave Time’s daily boon
But, before the undressing of the Whole that none can touch
We revel in the blessing of morning, noon, bloom and such

Day breaks, then soon it melts pink lakes that swath its virgin cry
And soon its noon dons footsteps to dusk’s blue-moon lullaby
Up and away each little splay of work-play ebbs like mist
Its tug-of-soul hinged to a great unfathomed Catalyst

© Janet Martin

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