Friday, September 9, 2016

To We Who Yet Breathe...

Come, come the sum of moments is not quite accomplished yet
The hum of this and that resumes its course on dawn-spun lane
And you and I, oh my, oh my, and you and I are let
In spite of our dear-oh-dears another ‘try again’

The best and worst of us is not enough to still the tide
That brims across the sky wide scrim of periwinkle hush
In hymns of holy, holy, darkness pales until the light
Is like a raving river rushing through bramble and brush

What royal invitation fills the air with hope’s applause
What Awesome Obligation urges us to sally forth
Where God-breathed salutation re-refurbishes our cause
And His recommendation fills each humble task with worth

Come, come, the sum of seasons spent is not quite finished yet
Though summer scatters pieces of its heart beneath our feet
See, see the air is like a heaven-banquet table set
And we are the invited guests to break time’s bread and eat

© Janet Martin

Where, oh, where did this week go?!
We have a day to sweep up its crumbs!
Happy Friday, all!

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