Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Way We Go...

One foot and then
The other oh,
We weave with them
The way we go

Sunrises, sets
Melds each hello
With farewell’s
Fading afterglow

Dreamer-plans clash
With circumstance
Where where-we-go
Weaves new dreamlands

We learn, we teach
We reach, we bow
In the gamut
Of learning how

…to hold on tight
And let go soft
Yet carry with us
What we lost

One foot and then
The other, where
We leave behind
The way we were

© Janet Martin


  1. "…to hold on tight
    And let go soft"

    Wonderful, Janet. As always.

    1. :) tis the season!
      Today was the last regular babysitting day for the little guy I've had since he was 10 mos. old. (and his brothers before him)
      He starts Junior Kindergarten this week.


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