Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Awesome Before

Happy, happy, happy first day of Fall! 

It's decor begins to find its way to trees...

and porches

I want to want the ache of you
Be torn between time’s old and new
Of green-gold-scarlet-umber-blue
As sweep of soul-song plumbs
The arcs and deeps of dark and dawn
The larks and leaps of here-then-gone
Darling, I want to want the song
That life and love becomes

How sacred is each step, each breath
How thin the skin twixt life and death
The swell of earth’s four-season heath
Is like a tolling bell
Each morning’s morning soon will slip
Into the blue of noon then dip
To dust-hushed, dusk-flushed fellowship
Ahoy, ahoy, farewell

I want to feel the keel of years
Hello, my love, good-bye, my dears
And be flummoxed by tick-tock’s spheres
That seal present to Past
I want to mourn the death of days
Yet hunger for the more that splays
Where morning sets Time’s hearth ablaze
With moments not yet cast

Then, at that final set of sun
When this life’s little ‘Let’ is done
I want to want what is to come
And whisper, thank-you Lord
For what we see is but a Door
To what will be; Forevermore
Where Now is the Awesome Before
The Ultimate Reward

© Janet Martin


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