Thursday, September 15, 2016

Summer's Swansong

 Did you realize that in one week from today Autumn begins?!
...and that we are already halfway through September?!
I sure am glad we still have 168 hrs. of summer left!
Still, there's a tug in the heart tonight as I pause to admire the harvest moon...

Across the air comes stealing
Twilight’s velvet sigh
Like a blue sea swallowing
Everything but sky

Summer sings her swan-song
Harvest-moon and autumn-soon
Strums the dusky lea

Tears are farewell’s souvenir
We hold, though we know
That after the dance, my dear
Comes the letting go

Without sound of falling
Without close of door
Twilight hears the Calling, oh,
Of time’s troubadour

…until trees are lost, love
Fold on fold the day
Joins the phantom host of
Fathoms sealed away

Life and death are ever
One half-breath apart
Seems I feel its sever-tug
Somewhere in my heart

© Janet Martin


  1. Have been admiring the moon these past few nights (and early mornings... 5:30 wake up for Olivia). I smiled reading the top of your post about letting go of summer, knowing how you feel about seeing it go... then smiled reading how you so eloquently put that into words. Until next time, friend :)

    1. 5:30 wake-up?! wow, that's early for a young scholar!
      Isn't it funny how, even though we know its coming, whether its 50th birthdays or the end of a month or season, it still often takes us by soft surprise

    2. BTW, nice to see you. thank-you for the visit and thoughts!


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