Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer Run Wild...or When Crickets Sing

When crickets sing we know Time’s wing
Is heavy with impending frost
And suddenly we hear the sound-
Less sound of life’s sure-footed cost
Where all we have and hold is rolled
Into the cold of letting go
Heat-rippled dust and wanderlust
Becomes the toll beneath the snow

When crickets sing heart-hollows ring
With echoes of summer nigh-spent
And senses, numb to living’s sum
Are keened to loving’s discontent
The harbor where summer laid bare
Her laughter, lilting gold and blue
Is gray and tossed with hours lost
On some far star-struck avenue

When crickets sing summer is king
But only for a little while
Its burnished jade cannot dissuade
The hand where Grand Farewells beguile
Past garden plot our meager thought
Rambles like a barefooted child
Through dusk’s so-long to find the throng
That serenades summer run wild

© Janet Martin

Anywhere, anytime, this time of year cricket-minstrels entertain 24-7 !!

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