Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September Serenade

Sometimes it pains us as we see time’s dauntless intervention
September wears a crown of brown and gold with hints of rust
We climb aboard mist-morning barge knowing its sure direction
To moor upon a purple sea of twilight-tinted dust

Steadfast, this ‘bearing witness of’ time's command, unrelenting
September shares its apples like anthems of sun-kissed spoil
And teaches us life-lessons about the payoff of planting
Of harvest-revelations and of fruit after long toil

(September dares to win us with cricket-song stippled days...)

We brave the wave that settles on the grave of time’s undoing
September dares to win us with cricket-song stippled days
While we enjoy and mourn life’s ever-yielding yet pursuing
The Alpha and Omega of love’s common-creature ways

The board-walk at the beach is bare; the air wears pale gray-yellow
September stirs the inner-us to slow our footsteps, oh,
While wood and garden tune the strings of nature’s wooing cello
A serenade to summer and life’s constant letting go

© Janet Martin

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