Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September and Other Such-ness

It runs its sun and shadow touch across our eyes and sighs and such
An undulating orchestra composing scales of ooh-and awe
Where we pause, middle-step, to leer at songs ‘neath nature’s balladeer
A musicale of mauve and gold to replay when the night is cold

It splashes color far and wide and paints a sprawling countryside
Of rural route and wind-song lute and hull soft-winnowed of its fruit
It fills the canvas of the sky with azure deeps and cloud-shaped sigh
A watercolor masterpiece to showcase in fond reveries

It tolls a golden evening bell and rolls across a golden fell
And keens the break of day with gold as heart-vaults far exceed their hold
It purples grapes and weaves mist-capes and grieves over bronzed summer-scapes
A marksman with a target sure, that no talisman can secure

© Janet Martin

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