Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Recognizing Right Now For What It Is...

 Once upon a time there was a little boy who declared that 'tree apples are way more 'liscious than store apples'...

 Sitting beneath fruit-studded limbs seemed to give him an idea...

How do I reach them, he asks...
uh-oh, how do I pick them? he wonders, hanging on for dear life...

...and they all munched happily ever after;-)

Sometimes those moments of no-second-thought
Return in moments of rather-have-not
Then we remember the splendor of days
We don’t remember for their common ways

Sometimes, when life is a kick in the lip
We look with new eyes at what we let slip
Then, often we are quite dumbly surprised
At how life’s best days are humbly disguised

Sometimes our wish and want puts us to shame
For while we wish we miss what Past will claim
Sometimes the treasure of ‘best memories’
Is as simple as pleasure of child, apples and trees

Sometimes (how about right now) we should look
At what we see like an almost-mem’ry-book
Then I am sure we would gentle our stare
And handle 'right-now' with tenderest care

© Janet Martin


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