Monday, September 12, 2016

Precious Prelude

It is constant, this Becoming
This heart-numbing hold-let-go
Turning touch to echo strumming
What once seemed common and slow
And we wish we had not wished so
For the day that now we hold
While The While that spawned its echo
Lies in vaults of yester-gold

Darling, we are never finished
Have-and-hold, love’s bold embrace
Shapes with guile of smiles replenished
Brand new echoes we will trace
Stirring hunger’s heart with anguish
Overcome with gratitude
That once we were part of this, love
Letting go’s precious prelude

© Janet Martin

I told my hygienist this morning when she asked 'how's life, anything new?' that I'm dealing with sentimental heart-tugs after years of Monday morning babysitting!

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