Thursday, September 1, 2016

Once We Were Young

 It's that 'back-to-school-away-at-school' heart tug and hug setting in...
then I read today's YDP and let thought's hunger lead.

Didn't I just say Happy Augu...oh, never mind!
Happy September, all!;-)

In Time we all become part of a cast
Wrapping our arms around pictures of Past
Wondering at the sheer pace of life’s grind
Pondering whispers of days left behind

Time’s temperament leaves no room for repeat
Nor ever ushers same noon to its street
Dreams once prized dearly are lost or exchanged
Minds that saw clearly must be rearranged

Slowly, those pieces we thought ought to fit
Need to be revised or jiggled a bit
Strange, what the middle of night can recall
Maybe our parents were right after all

With a start, hearts realize time is small
Echoes resound where its new children call
Soft on the twilight, with yesterday’s year
Trembles the black-white of Back When and Here

Silk-soft, each rise and set of dust and dew
Begets a vista, oh my, what a view
Who knew that Time drew its shadows so fast?
Ah yes, they who found themselves part of This Cast

Once we were young, full of song, free of care
Certain that life was a long-strung affair
Now we fill doorways and wave from afar
To dreamland-foragers reaching for stars

© Janet Martin

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