Friday, September 2, 2016

A Good Night's Sleep

Nothing else we do is quite as good without it; a good night's sleep!
Did you have a long or a short night? 
I hope it was something like eight instant hours;-)
How is it we close our eyes and already the alarm clock is beeping?!!

Happy September Day Two!
If the morning is any indication it looks like a beaut!!

When from slumber’s oblivion
And from thought’s full respite
We wake; we shake our heads and say
‘How little was the night’

…but when we lie and cannot keep
Thought’s busy street at bay
Or lull into sweet, gentle sleep
‘How long the night’, we say

Life’s ‘fairest of them all’ must be
Not charm or fame or wealth
But simply this; a good night’s sleep
To better our health

© Janet Martin

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