Thursday, October 2, 2014

When You're a SOYP Writer

Sometimes it’s the trees or the slant of the breeze
Or the shape of a shadow’s fall
It might be the moon or the baritone tune
Of rain on a late-autumn wall
Or, sometimes the fire is lit by a spire
Etched hard on the soft-dying day
Perhaps it’s the mist on a morn purple-kissed
Whispering nighttime away

It might your grin or that dint in your chin
The mutual touching of eyes
I’ve felt its spark when the room was full dark
Save for the brush of your sighs
It broods in the blue of dusk’s musk-avenue  
It leaps from the quick-fall of youth
Or sometimes the smile of an innocent child
Slams us with unblemished truth

Sometimes we are stirred by the slur of a word
Teasing and twisting the air
In shovels of dirt you revel; in hurt
You slide down night’s arabesque stair
Sometimes you wait on the old garden gate
Sometimes you roar like a fighter
That’s just how it is; poised on imminent bliss
When you’re an SOYP writer

© Janet Martin

They say there are two kinds of writers; the organize/plan mind or the seat of your pants kind.
I tend to be the latter,
but it doesn’t matter
‘cause it’s nice to exist
poised on imminent bliss!


  1. Love it! I don't know how you do it really. Your writing is so prolific. Is that an apt description? It flows out of you. Amazing. And a blessing.

  2. Pamela, I sincerely appreciate your words.

    Almost every day I tell myself I simply MUST. stop. this. and then the wind dithers and the bloom withers stirring something I cannot echo splashes or a leaf laughs as Time tickles its path to the garden floor.:)


  3. My first time here; I was drawn in by your title. I've always admired people who can string together a story in words that rhyme. Truly, a gift.

  4. Dayle, thank-you for dropping by and for your encouragement. Greatly appreciated:)

  5. Love it, Janet!

    You make words laugh and dance and sigh and sing. We enjoy your gift very much!!



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