Sunday, October 19, 2014

Universal Peace and Joy

Faithful Father, the world over
Hearts of worship unify
Pausing weight of want and labor
To adore thee, God most high

Love, oh tie that binds with gladness
Hearts of strangers through Thy Word
Where life’s sin and sorrow sadness
Draws us to Thy feet, oh Lord

Faithful as the sun that rises
Is Thy mercy and Thy care
With Thee there are no surprises
God, for Thou art everywhere

Faithful Father, the world over
Believers gather to praise
He who saved us, hallelujah
Universal joy and peace

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, that gift He's given you ever amazes and blesses me. I'm so glad you are faithful to putting these comforting thoughts down for us to enjoy.

    Hugs for the day....

  2. Brenda, thank-you so much for sharing your gift of encouragement. God bless you on this day of worship!


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