Saturday, October 4, 2014

Time Disappoints

 The sun fell like a golden bell but I didn't here a sound, so I looked up, it's shadow cupped in autumn's umbral ground...

Her dressing-gown was gray and cold so she slipped into something warmer; Gold:) Happy Saturday!

Time disappoints then it anoints the morning with fresh air
Seasons cannot impress it any more or less, it seems
We scribble noise; life’s sorrow-joys of dancing and despair
Fill echo-streams with laughter-dreams and years with tear-requiems

Time disappoints then it appoints new moments to its wheel
It spins the Things we cannot keep yet nothing can erase
The Hour spills its flower; no will-power can appeal
Time’s forward-facing, season-chasing, human-racing grace

Time disappoints and it disjoints the well-laid scheme of thought
It does not owe us any explanation for its ways
Its changeless, ever-changing, rearranging habits oft
Vex and perplex; our ‘nexts’ at the mercy of golds and grays

Time disappoints then it anoints the morning with new urns
Its fingertips eclipse the crypts where life’s joy-sorrows fell
It strips the field of summer-yield; each new-comer soon learns
Its no-return is a slow-burn of echoes and farewell

© Janet Martin


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