Monday, October 13, 2014

Sweet, Happy Sadness

That's how fall feels to me...a sweet, happy sadness

Sweet happy sadness
The grief in adieu
Is simply the trade-off
Of loving you

Sweet, happy sadness
Bronze-auburn lament
Is simply the echo
Of summer spent

Sweet, happy sadness
Each leaf is a tear
Caught for a moment
On autumnal cheer

Sweet, happy sadness
To love is to hurt
Laughter and sorrow
Dwell in the same dirt

Sweet, happy sadness
Fond, fond farewell dance
Fall is the flip-side
Of summer romance

© Janet Martin


  1. There is definitely a certain sadness and a feeling of melancholy to autumn.

    Beautiful poem.

  2. So true. I can never tell whether I love it or not...I think I do though 'cause its a strange and comforting sadness...


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