Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Still, Beneath Us...

Time slips beneath our feet like a dream
Summer is caught like a leaf on its stream
Sun-sparkle diamonds on five-o clock blue
Spills silver starlight like dawn spills its dew
Shimmering, glimmering mist-belvedere
Flowers and children bloom then disappear

Breath-stealing, beautiful, bantering beast
Washing our eyes with the crumbs of its feast
Morning melts over midnight like a sea
Surging above us in mute urgency
Fingers may linger but never can keep
More than a mem’ry from its moment-sweep  

It is no fable; too soon we are old
Fall spreads its table with garnet and gold
Once we wished wishes against supple skin
Now we carve niches like footholds within
While still beneath us time’s river runs wild
Testing the mother and teasing the child

© Janet Martin

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