Friday, October 31, 2014

So Alike, Yet oh So Different

Approx. 40 years later...

As we sit here recalling years that long have come and gone
And as we reminisce of childhood’s happy hours spent
Where kindred memories abound, some shared, some saved by one
I smile; because we’re so alike yet oh, so different

One remembers something that sparks someone else’s thought
And suddenly we are transported back; laughter is bent
Around the kitchen sink perhaps where life was learned and taught
While we grew up so much alike yet oh, so different

For a brief morning we relinquish bonds of mother-toll
As we become the little girls around our mother’s knee
And mother smiles as if she too returns to years time stole
Of having everyone at home the way it used to be

For things we cannot change, for afternoons lost and replaced
We tend time’s tender echoes with a reverent lament
As we exchange fond pictures framed where footsteps are retraced
In memories so much alike yet oh, so different

© Janet Martin

We were together on the old home farm yesterday to celebrate my mom’s birthday with our annual tea-party.Everyone brings food to enjoy with fellowship:)

It’s sweet and strange, the things the mind retains and so interesting to hear what one sister remembers that others have long forgotten! 

At this sink many an hour was spent chattering, arguing, being extremely silly, singing four-part harmony, watching the world from this window while doing dishes. A family with 10 kids always makes lots of laundry, lots of dishes and lots of precious memories.
My brother and his family live here on the home farm.


  1. Great capture of memories past and present...I was waiting:)

  2. ;) thank-you. one of the best days of the year!!


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