Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Autumn Lies Still…
Long the lazy laughter of its wooded hill and steep
Would lull the little boy or girl or mother fast asleep
But now the dark is empty of its softly sweeping sigh
The wide-flung window shuttered where Time open, shuts her eye

For night still bears its morning and the morning, afternoon
The tree that bore the hungry bud will sing new anthems soon
Do not despair although the air is charged with darker hours
The aftermath of what awaits will lead us back to flowers

Autumn lies still…
The gleaming rill is dappled with leaf-notes; its bank soft-lined
With amber-feathered echoes of what summer left behind
A marathon of memories and moments charge the air
Composing a strange montage of both triumph and despair

…where once we were the children splashing wind-kissed and footloose
Through leaves without much thought to hours or Time’s tightening noose
But oh, deeper appreciation of each season’s good and ill
Invites us to live, laugh and love where now autumn lies still

© Janet Martin

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