Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Night Before Thanksgiving Sunday Dinner

All is still, save for thinning willow-song
And bits of brittle leaf scuffling along
Where brooding breeze not yet asleep gives chase
Flirting with *rainbow splatters on the grass

The house tucked in beneath a velvet quilt
Of blue and silver where the moon is spilt
Is quiet now, where all day long it wore
The liveliness of laughter, love and chores

The solitude of almost Sunday falls
To wrap in holy slumber hills and halls
 Upstairs a girl can hardly wait to wake
Dreaming of turkey, pie and carrot cake

© Janet Martin

The last thing Victoria said tonight was, 'Oh, I can't wait until tomorrow! Turkey and dressing, potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie and carrot cake!'
We are having everyone in for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow:)oops, not everyone...Rob & Emily and Melissa will be here!

Maybe I'll add the recipes tired.  (there is only one way to get the whole house clean and prepare lots of yummy food; stay at it) 

* Victoria picked those rainbow splatters in above photos. The leaves are so vivid this year!

We are enjoying some stunning moonlight nights! (my little digital camera does not do it justice!)

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