Monday, October 20, 2014

Out There...

Out there where summer fell like autumn’s harvest-ready fruit
And twilight tolls, lonesome bell-tone rolling through stricken wood
Thought is a tower window overlooking year-swept plains
The air soul-sweet and heavy wrapped in purple autumn rains

Out there where we too once inhaled the scent of darling dreams
And hours were steel stumbling blocks impeding moment-streams
We leaped carefree, oblivious to chiseled undertows
Intent upon the stepping-stones strung where tomorrow glows

Out there where we marveled at seasons spilling in full bloom
We stooped to collect fragments free-falling from heaven’s loom
Then, suddenly we paused, startled by serenades of yore  
Discovery is double-edged and slices to the core

Out there where once we stumbled in love’s ever- learning shroud
When we became acquainted with the ‘nevers’ we avowed
Now a new generation disembarks on virgin fell
Out there where summer falls and calls new dreamers to its swell   

© Janet Martin

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