Monday, October 20, 2014

Live Well...or, Of Moment-deft Unbuttoning...

Live well and do not rush too fast past miracles of life
The handiwork of Deity unfolds and earth is rife
With sundry season splendor and with sundry season need
Live well; for who of us can tell how far time’s path will lead?

This gold and gray of come-what-may is but a gilded thread
While we of Adam’s seed labor and plead for bites of bread
We plant a little garden and we pray a little prayer
God grants to us His mercy where His footfalls fill the air

Live well and do not waste with haste, the taste of moment-gifts
For soon the tune of afternoon is like the leaf that drifts
Beneath the limbs that rang with hymns of summer’s sanguine hour
Before the winnowing of whispers softly stole its flow’r

This draught that swells from wells of grace is not an endless quaff
Its gossamer effusion bathes the fingertips that doff
With moment-deft unbuttoning the garb that clothes the shell
Of this one life we have, my love; we ought to live it well

© Janet Martin

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