Monday, October 13, 2014

Of Ambition and Experience

Before us the unknown waits
Behind us the bygone rests
Seamless transition,
Experience, ambition
Battles in synchronized breadth

Experience tempers brash schemes
Ambition fuels dreams and such
Juxtaposed spiral
We inhale and exhale
Ever beneath present-touch

See how the Now kindles then
Courtship of merest moments
As Unknowns unfold
What Bygones will hold
Of ambition to experience

© Janet Martin

My sister and I dropped our daughters off at their schools today after a week-end at home for Thanksgiving. To me it felt like Old Experience hugging Young Ambition as we said our good-byes.
Old Experience has no more knowledge of The Unknown than Young Ambition so,
Old Experience gets down on knees and prays God to guide and direct Young Ambition and Old Experience. 

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