Thursday, October 2, 2014


 October teaches us to let go
To linger longer and savor slow

October dresses down what May dressed up
A flower is a tear and a leaf is a cup

October back-roads beckon because
They lead through pictures of what once was

October turns in early and rises late
It twists tired tendrils through the pasture gate

October decorates earth like a banquet hall
No bluff is too big and no leaf is too small
October kindles hills like love kindles the heart
Breath-stealing beauty in God-rendered art

October opens new doors and closes others
It tugs on heart-strings twixt daughters and mothers

October, dis-rober of sun-dappled sighs
Its air all a-flutter with birch butterflies

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful photographs and october will always be remembered.

  2. Yes, October is such a wonderful world!!


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