Friday, October 31, 2014


 When she saw tomorrow's forecast Victoria squealed and did a happy dance; November plus snow can mean only one thing...the beginning of Christmas music in the Martin-house;)

October frets from eaves cold, gray
It sets in leaves of golden fray
To slumber where we used to lie
Beneath blue blankets of the sky
Before earth’s tent was dull and torn
And lowered to a land forlorn

October slips into the hush
Of stricken wood and underbrush
Pungent its tattered chatter lies
Cradled in summer’s lullabies
As silence strums night’s frostiness
And numbs our noses with its kiss

October sets in gold and red
Lavishing trails where dreamers tread
A sodden, trodden aftermath
On nature’s endless garden path
Where we hear in Time’s undertow
The dance of feet waiting for snow

© Janet Martin


  1. You make me fall in love with autumn all over again. This is glorious Janet! :-)

  2. thank-you Carrie:) I am never ready to let autumn go...esp. October for some reason but I have a daughter who gets so excited about something new that it gets a little contagious!Victoria is always counting down to something and right now it is Christmas or at least the season because that means her sister is coming home for a while!.


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