Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Lullaby

Hush-a-bye orchard, thy limb is unbent
Harvest is gathered and summer is spent

Hush-a-bye leaf-lay, thy choir is plucked
Beneath the spire of summer-song tucked

Hush-a-bye garden, may slumber be sweet
Soon you will waken to dance of bare feet

Hush-a-bye twilight of sultry repose
Lamplight and wood-smoke replace dewy rose

Hush-a-bye children of moorland and grove
Home is a hearth without seasons, my love

Hush-a-bye shadow, snuffed from the gold hill
Feathering meadows where echoes soft-spill

Hush-a-bye zephyr and hush-a-bye loon
Summer is sleeping beneath hunter’s moon

© Janet Martin

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