Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Adrift

Seraphim dwindles
While rebel-wind swindles
The color that kindles
October’s good-bye
Tenderness traces
Earth’s barren embraces
Where blue longing laces
November’s near sigh

Dying day etches
Stark silhouette sketches
On gold, satin stretches
Twixt sky, land and sea
A breath-stealing burning
Of sudden sweet yearning
For Time’s no returning
Ignites poetry

Porcelain sliver
Of opaque moon shivers
Beneath Orion’s quiver
Of star-spangled darts
Virile vexation
Of trust and temptation
Defies explanation
And perplexes hearts

Middle-night murmurs
Time’s black and white summers
Reside in waft-shimmers
Of echoes that sift
As seraphim dwindles
Where rebel-wind swindles
The color that kindles
October adrift

© Janet Martin

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