Wednesday, October 1, 2014


If you’ve tasted His grace, if you’ve adored His face, if you’ve felt His embrace  then you can’t help but find yourself living in a giving place. 
Ann Voskamp

New morning pours through ancient doors
God’s grace kindles Hope’s way
The Giver of agape love
Implores through gift of Day

...and all we have and all we brave
Upon this reach of sod
Of broken bread and moment-thread
Are mercy-gifts from God

Hope’s paradise is not a prize
Obtained by flesh and blood
Time’s offering is the off-spring
Of mercy-granted flood

…then grant that we may ever see
Beyond our own touch-quest
Lest we pretend at love and then
Miss out on mercy’s Best

© Janet Martin


  1. I just treated myself to a Janet morning feast, gorging on the last few poems I'd missed (must.reign in.too busy days!). All is now right with the world. Thank you for sending out such well-placed words and meter that waltz one through melodic reminders of worthy focus. Happy day, happy fall, happy October! - Cyndy

  2. :-) thank-you Cyndy. Right now I feel like Anne of Green Gables who said she is so glad she lives in a world that has October; 'just imagine, she says, if we would skip from September to November without any October at all!'

  3. p.s Happy October to you too and to everyone else who is glad they live in a world that has October!


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